Fairview Heights, Illinois - "Goon Road"

Video of Goon Road
Near Fairview Heights and close to the bridge on Bunkum Road that crosses over interstate 64 is a now abandoned roadway that is called Goon Road. During the day it is a normal road, but it is said that at night, it is a horrifying place.

It is haunted because of the bloody past it has had. Others believe that there is someone still lurking in the woods just waiting for someone to come along. The legend says that a number of killings happened here that was said to have been committed by an inbred family that preyed on travelers. They could still be there.

They reportedly lived in an old dilapidated house in the woods, the property looked like an old junkyard with old cars and garbage strewn about. The parents had several children, who also had kids of thier own, usually bred from one another. A pack of hound dogs were tied to the trees near the house, at night the father would take them out into the woods to find trespassers. They say that a group of teenagers were going through the woods at night and they never came back.

Tale from Joe O.

"There is this road that's called Goon Road, because there was a family of goons who lived there that were supposed to be inbred and killed people a long time ago. Everybody says that its haunted now, so my brother and I went out there one night to look around. When we got there, he was telling me that a lot of people have been killed and disappeared in the woods and that the goons had these wild dogs that they used to chase down anybody who came on their land. I don't know it it's true or not, but when we heard a bunch of dogs barking out in the dark, we got the hell out of there!" -Joe O

Tale from James P.

"In high school, my friends and I weren't the smartest or most creative people, but we did have a real sense of adventure and often drank mass quantities of liquid courage. One of our favorite ways to waste a couple of hours on a weekend was to make our way out to Goon Road. We had heard from some older guys in the area that there was a compound where a whole bunch of inbred freaks, all related in one way or another, lived in the woods along this road. These goons laid in wait, hoping to capture and kill anyone who wandered into their woods.

We used to love pulling up alongside the area where they supposedly lived and shouting taunts aimed at getting them to try to drag us into the woods, where they would presumably murder us. We always wanted to see if they were really deformed from the generations of inbreeding. We had some tried-and-true phrases aimed at baiting them out to the roadside, such as 'Hey, goons!' and 'Yo, where you at goons?' Like I said, we weren't the most creative bunch.

One night I was driving, and my friend Pete was hanging halfway out the passenger-side window, yelling at the goons. Suddenly he leaped back into the car, completely freaked out and totally pale and shaking. He told me to gun it-so I did.

When we reached a safer area, he calmed down a bit and told me that while he was yelling into the woods, he saw the silhouette of something emerge from behing one tree and run toward another. He had a hard time making it out, but he saw that it moved quickly, with a lurching, limping type of run. He still claims to have seen a bona fide goon, out looking for victims.

I had always assumed that the goons of Goon Road were just a legend, but now I'm not so sure. Who knows, maybe there is a freaky family out there looking for blood!" -James P.

Tale from Debbie Vanusdoll

"Years ago when we were around 19 years old, two friends & I decided to drive down Goon Road late one night. The legend was that it was an inbred/deformed family that would chase after trespassers who came upon their property. When we finally got to the end of the road, we saw a building that looked like a shack and you could see the light right through it. We saw a figure cross in front of the light. We all screamed, but there was no way to turn around since it was a one lane road. Screaming the whole time without stopping, we had to drive the car in reverse to get out of there. We never went back again " -Debbie Vanusdoll