White Lady Lane - Leroy-Wallhalla, North Dakota

Tale from Mindy R.

picture of the bridge "The story goes that there was a young girl, a local farmer's daughter, who got pregnant out of wedlock and, right after the baby was born, was forced into a shotgun wedding by her insanely religious parents, who made her marry this man that she didn't even love. On the day of the wedding the bride returned home after the ceremony only to find that the baby had died in its crib.

Distraught over the loss of the child and the thought of having to spend the rest of her life with a man she didn't want, she went to a lonely lane on the outskirts of town and hung herself from a bridge, still wearing the dress in which she'd been married. Many people claim that if you go to this bridge at night, you can still see the ghost of the grief-stricken girl hanging there in her white wedding dress. Some say that it is just the lights of Walhalla off in the distance, but I think that's just silly.

These days a trip to the bridge is a big part of many an evening's activities for me and my friends at North Dakota State University. The bridge is located down a narrow road off County 9. The road leads through the Tetrault Woods between the towns of Leroy and Walahalla. It's known locally as White Lady Lane, and I have to tell you, this trip is scary! The road gets smaller and smaller until it is barely wide enough for a car to get down. The woods are dark and eerie at night, and by the time you see the bridge, you are usually ready to turn back out of sheer terror.

The bridge is old and rickety-looking, and it would scare you at night even it there weren't a ghost thereóbut there is! Many people have seen the White Lady hanging there, including some of my friends who swear they saw herówedding dress and all!

Though I have not yet seen her myself, I can tell you that there is a certain sensation I get every time I go to this place. It's an ominous and unsettling feeling, as though a heavy, melancholy presence is everywhere around me, yet nothing is there. This strange pall lifts as soon as we leave the spot. Others are not as lucky, though, and claim that the spirit, or whatever it is, has actually gotten into their cars with them when they've left or it has followed them. They say the feeling of being followed always ends as soon as they turn off White Lady Lane.

Although the place scares the hell out of me, for some reason my friends and I continue to go there. Something, or someone, keeps drawing us back. Perhaps one day I'll see who or what it is."-Mindy R.