Newnan, Georgia - "Haunted Railroad Trestle"

Newnan railroad trestle

Story from Spookee

"About seven miles west of my home in Newman, Georgia, there is a notorious railroad trestle. The story is sad but true. A mother and her child were murdered on this railroad trestle in the 1930s. The police assumed at the time that the woman's lover and child's father was responsible. I never believed the story of the haunting until I experienced it myself.

One Friday night eighteen years ago, two friends and I visited the trestle; we pulled under it at ten p.m., turned off the car, and waited. Soon we could see the outline of a baby, a rope around its neck, on the trestle wall. One of my friends claims to have heard the anguished scream of a woman. I never heard that scream, but I believe my friend.

The murderer of the mother and child was never apprehended, for the liaison between the man and woman was well hidden. Perhaps he is still a free man today."-Spookee