Bartonville, Illinois - "Ghost of Stone Church Road"

"There is a road about ten to fifteen miles from me, in Bartonville. It's called Stone Church Road. I had always heard it was haunted and that some old guy lived behind the church on this road and would shoot at drivers going by his house. Now, I didn't believe the shooting thing, because he would get arrested. But I do believe in ghosts.

Rumor has it that a man died on that road and his spirit was stuck there with his car. The road runs right off the road that I take to get to my girlfriend's. Every time I go by that road, I would see car lights just sitting there. They were not white, but yellow. One night me and my friends got the guts to check it out. We turned down the road and just started driving. We got about twenty seconds down the road, when we saw a car parked on the side and a man on the street. So we slowed down. We couldn't turn around, so we had to keep going to get off the road, but the guy wouldn't move.

My friend Donnie got out and asked the guy what his problem was. But the guy just looked at him without saying a word. Donnie was getting mad that the guy wouldn't answer him, so he kept yelling. I started getting chills and so did my other friend. I knew something was wrong. I told Donnie to get back in the truck and let's get out of there. He listened and got in the truck.

We kept staring at the guy, and he didn't move. I turned around for a second to turn on the radio, and when I looked back again, the guy was gone - along with the car. I knew it was the ghost. To this day I get chills whenever I drive past that road.-Chris B."