Collinsville, Illinois - "Seven Gates to Hell"

bridge that is considered on the the seven gate Located along the back roads east of Collinsville are a series of tunnels and bridges that are called the "Seven Gates to Hell." It is unknown how they got their name, but there are many stories about them. One account says that they were used by the Ku Klux Klan as a place to hang African Americans. No records exist that the hangings ever happened, but this is one of the reasons how the bridges got their ominous name.

The most often told story is that if you drive through all the gates, you will swiftly be sent into hell. Different variations say that you need to go through the last gate at midnight to get to hell or if you park under the seventh gate with your lights off, the spirits will send the "hounds of hell" to take your soul.

One of them, now called the Acid Bridge has it's own story. The tale says that some local students were out partying and driving on the back roads, and they supposedly took some LSD or acid. They decided to try and find the Seven Gates and found six of them, but not the seventh. They kept driving till they found what they thought was the seventh. They missed the entrance and ran into the concrete supports. The car was incinerated and all the students were all killed. Some people claim to see a ghostly replay of the crash near the bridge.

The gates are on Lebanon Road, east of Collinsville.

Tale from Dennis S.

"There is one bridge that always terrified me more than any other. It is called Acid Bridge. These kids were supposed to have been high on acid one night and crashed their car into the bridge. I drove out there once with two friends. We pulled up to the bridge and stopped before we got there. We were looking at all of the stuff painted there and saw lights coming toward us in the distance. So we pulled over until they passed us from the other direction. We turned around and were about thirty feet behind them. We saw them slow down when they made it to the bridge, and then they just disappeared. We were so freaked out that we just kept going. We figured it was those kids reliving the night they died over and over again." -Dennis S.

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