Hell House - Ellicott City, Maryland

Tale from Betsy Earley

front entrance to the building "Five miles outside of downtown Ellicott City, Maryland, Hell House is located in the old mill town of Ilchester. It was built in the mid-1800s and was once known as St. Mary's College. And, supposedly, it was the scene of a grisly murder and suicide. The story goes that a priest hanged five students over a pentagram on the floor before doing himself in.

Hell House sits on a desolate site surrounded by woods on all sides, One of the first glimpses of the place is from River Road, a winding road lined by strange old gingerbread-style houses. The buildings are only four feet tall. They lie in ruins and look as though little people once lived in them.

train bridge Right near the house itself is a mysterious factory and the Ilchester train bridge, part of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, which is also supposedly haunted.

stairs leading up to building One long, creepy set of stairs, overgrown with brambles and grass, leads up to Hell House. Many people have commented on a cold spot at the top. The crumbling fašade of the building shows evidence of a fire, and another side looks as though it was destroyed by a wrecking ball. Over the entrance, on the marble above the columns, are the letters GE.

pit in foundation There is a strange pit in the foundation that looks like some sort of subterranean entrance or hiding place that leads to tunnels under the property."

The History of Hell House

Story from Lauren H.

Story from Matthew B.

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