Chicago, Illinois - "Graceland Cemetery"

Ludwig Wolff's Headstone Graceland Cemetery, located on North Clark St., has a few tales of supernatural origin. One tale is a mystery to those who follow such occurrences. A vault belonging to Ludwig Wolff, in the south end of the cemetery, is reported to be haunted by a ghostly green-eyed dog. It is said that he guards the tomb and howls at the moon. Some people believe it is a ghost and others say it is only a legend stemming from the last name of the occupant.

Two other monuments are the center of tales about Graceland.

Death Statue The first is a statue over the grave of Dexter Graves Eternal Silence Statue. When he died he was buried elsewhere but was brought to Graceland in 1909. A sculpter named Lorado Taft made the statue and called it Eternal Silence, but over the years it has been renamed the Statue of Death. Originally it was black, but weathering has worn it away leaving only the green metal underneath. One part of it stays black though, the face, which is hidden in the hood. The face is shrouded in shadow and supposedly those who look upon the face will see a part of thier own death.

The most well known statue (and ghost) is the one of Inez Clark who died in 1880, she was only six at the time. She was said to have died in a lightning storm while on a picnic with her parents. Even with it's popularity, it is rumored to be haunted. Ghostly sounds are heard nearby and the statue is said to move by itself. During brutal thunderstorms the satatue is said to leave the glass case and wander through the cemetery. Some people have even said that a ghostly child is seen around the gravestone.