The Devil's Looking Glass - Jonesborough, Tennessee

fog on the hill Near Jonesborough, above the Nolichucky River in Unicoi County, Tennessee, is a place called the Devil's Looking Glass. It is a pile of rocks in the mountainside that, by day, looks like an ordinary pile of rocks. But when the moonlight shines on it at night the pile of rocks transforms into the face of Satan himself.

Tale from Tennesee Haints, Hauntings and Hoodoos

picture of the hill showing the river "Terrifying tales are told of the Devil's Looking Glass, a sheer rock wall rising hundreds of feet over the rugged Nolichucky River in Unicoi County, Tennessee. One story tells of a young Indian woman who, having lost her beloved husband in battle, flung herself off the precipice in a fit of anguish. Her ghost is said to haint the base of the cliff. Another Cherokee story is that a cave about halfway up the face of the cliff was home to a terrible demon. He lay in wait to pounce upon a passing canoe.

the hill in fall After the whites settled Unicoi (then Washington) County, stories about the Looking Glass became even more numerous and frightening. Strange cries of agony came from the rocks. Sometimes the glowing whisps of spirits could be seen among the cracks. Everyone gave the Looking Glass a wide berth-except for a local witch called Ol' Miz Wilson, who lived near the site in a tiny cabin, where evil spirits were said to visit her in the dead of night. She would entertain them with various incantations and spells. The unholy revelry would continue until the first rays of the morning sun sent the evil spirits scurrying back to their home among the rocks." -Tennessee Haints, Hauntings and Hoodoos