The Devil's Road/The Cult House - Southeastern Pennsylvania

picture of devil's road Most of the teens in Delaware have heard or told of the Devil's Road, even though its not in Delaware. It is a road, two-miles long, with a dense growth of trees that grow backward from it. Nobody can say why they do even though cynics say it's because they have been trimmed that way because of power lines. Others say that its because of the evil that the area holds.

baby's cradle tree The tree that is most predominant is one that is called the Baby's Cradle, also known as Devil's Tree and Skull Tree. The embankment has been washed away over the years to reveal the roots that , if you look at it from the right angle, resembles a skull. It was given the name "Baby's Cradle because the corpse of an infant was found in the roots. It is said that the infant was used as a sacrifice for a satanic ritual.

If you are brave enough to continue down the road you will come to the Cult House, a large mansion formed in stone that used to belong to the DuPont family. It is on a heavily wooded hillside. Here also the trees grow away from the mansion. The oddest thing about it is that the windows look like upside down crosses. Today, due to a lot of commotion, the road is blocked off and those daring enough not to heed the warning do get ticketed.

Tale from CiCi

"There is a legend in Delaware about a road nicknamed Devil's Road, located off Route 202 by Concord Pike. As rumor has it, there is a house or church used to perform satanic rituals. At the beginning of the road are two arrow-shaped pickets known to many as the Gates of Hell. On this road the trees are bent away from the church and there are manu trees spray-painted with the numbers 666 and many other disturbing words and images. There is a gate to the side of the road, and off that road behind the gate is the church.

One of the most noticeable attractions on Devil's Road is a very large tree with a small hole hollowed out in the middle. Legend has it that this is called the Baby's Cradle, because a small fetus was once found inside the hole.

I have been on this road many times, and the only strange thing I saw was on Mischief Night (the night before Halloween), when I and my friends saw shadowy orange lights lighting up the house. I am pretty sure that it was candlelight, but we did not want to make any assumptions."-CiCi

Tale from Brooke M.

"Driving down Devil's Road toward the mansion, we noticed a pile of dead animals, mostly raccoons, slit from throat to genitals and completely gutted. When we finally approached the mansion, I was even more disgusted. Hanging from the black iron gate were more carcasses like the ones we'd just seen. It's also said that if you go at night, you can hear the satanic worshiping that goes on inside, word for word. Fortunately, we were there during the day."-Brooke M.

Tale from Greg H.

"Satan Road, as it is colloquially known, is a condemned road off Route 100 in Delaware. Its entrance is easy to miss, despite the bright orange warning signs, because of the way 100 bends and because ot the overgrowth of the area. The state has attempted to blockade the road with signs that threaten a $1000 penalty to trespassers, but this has not stopped nosy teens.

The Satan worshipers wait for your arrival at the entrance to the road in a black SUV. As soon as you start to slow down and turn, they turn on their headlights, pop out from hiding, and chase you out to a bridge on Route 100. I have been chased once by the SUV and have seen some sort of eerie bright blue flash when we were about to enter the road that scared us enough to not even bother with the road that night."-Greg H.

Tale from Chris T.

"Supposedly, a Black Church constructed of solid jet-black stone with a black obelisk attached has sat on Cult House property for almost two hundred years. It is visible only from deep inside the property. A historical article mentioned the eccentric son of a rich family that owned the land over two hundred years ago. This odd fellow was rumored to have dabbled in witchcraft and the black arts."-Chris Trojak

Tale from Stephanie

"I have lived in Delaware my whole life and have been on Devil's Road at least a hundred times. I have been up to the Devil's House. The roof is lined with metal crows all facing in the same direction, and there is a white cement bench in the front yard with a demon's face carved on it. People really do chase you out of there. I remember one time around two p.m. I was driving on Devil's Road and a black SUV sped up behind us, then turned into the woods. There was no dirt road or anything; it just turned right into the woods. The next thing I knew, he was coming full speed right toward is. One time there was a full moon, I could see a fire and the outlines of about twelve to fifteen people standing in a circle around it. Then I got chased off by two Bronco SUVs."-Stephanie

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