Port Saint Lucie, Florida - "Buried Beneath the Devi's Tree"

"In Port Saint Lucie, Florida, there is a little park called Oak Hammock Park. There's a Devil Tree there with many legends associated with it, but this is the true story. In January 1973, before the park or any houses were built in the area, the serial killer Gerard John Schaefer abused two nineteen-year-olds, Collette Goodenough and Babara Ann Wilcox, before hanging them and burying their bodies. Over the next five days Schaefer (known as the Killer Deputy because he was a deputy for the Martin County Sheriff's Department) returned to the scene to commit necrophilia. The bodies weren't discovered untill 1977 when two fishermen came across a tree with two ropes tied around a low branch and bones protruding from the ground.

Ever since, people have reported hearing screaming coming from the woods and seeing hooded figures chase thrill-seekers from the area. When the city built the park, they decided to cut down the tree. But when the men came to cut it down with their chain saws, all malfunctioned. When they brought in the manual two-man saw, its teeth chipped off. When they tried an axe, the axe head came off the handle.

I get creeped out when I go there, and I refuse to set foot in the woods. I have heard of people feeling cold spots along the trails during the hottest days in July. If you're ever in the area, the park is located at 1982 S.W. Villanova Road, Port Saint Lucie." -A.C.Y.

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